Tokyo Bike Takes Manhattan

16 Oct

As a wedding present to my wife I bought her a bike. In part it was because I wanted to have a cycle partner for those days when nothing is better than exploring a city by bike, but also because I knew she coveted the Blue Gray Bisou Tokyo Bike more than any other.

We followed the signs from home that led us onto the narrow Brooklyn Bridge bike path and into the city heading towards the Hudson River where there is a picturesque path which travels up the west side of  Manhattan. From here it is a tranquil ride to anywhere from the West Village all the way up to Columbia University and beyond.

We however, had a lunch date in mind so crossed into the Village to check out the Spotted Pig. Long waits abound in the evening but we only had to wait 10 minutes for our spot looking directly into the tiny kitchen at lunch. I knew before I arrived that I had to try the much blogged about burger but Angela struggled to choose between the battered pollock and thrice cooked chips and the pumpkin salad. For some reason she picked the salad….

Lunch turned out to be delicious, the unadorned burger was juicy and flavourful (I opted to leave off the Roquefort cheese), the salad was apparently good and we enjoyed the devilled eggs and a not quite chocolate nemesis cake. (having worked at River Cafe I had hoped the chef, April Bloomfield had ‘borrowed’ the recipe). The service was the best I have experienced in a long time and reminded me how good a waiter can be. It was personable without being in your face and absent until needed, just the right balance.

We left very satisfied and with nothing pressing we entered the West Village and mooched for a good couple of hours. There are an almost unlimited number of nice stores, cafes and restaurants in this neighbourhood and should you become bored with them you are close to the Highline or The Hudson River Greenway, both are a great way to walk off lunch.


3 Responses to “Tokyo Bike Takes Manhattan”

  1. Tracey November 9, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    Can’t believe I bumped into you at the lovely Roberta’s.
    Could do with a bit of advice if you can e mail me.

    • James August 20, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

      Hi there – I came across your awesome foodie blog while searching online for “Tokyo Bike” and “New York”.

      Based on the progression of your posts, I presume you bought the yellow CS and blue Bisou in London? I’ve recently moved to NYC from Sydney and have enjoyed riding around town on a citibike so much that I’m looking into getting my own commuter bike. I’m a big fan of the Tokyo Bike so I’m gutted I didn’t get one before flying over (given Tokyo Bike is in Australia and not in the US!)

      Please let me know if you did buy it in the US as this is top on my list!


      • LDN Eats NYC August 21, 2013 at 4:21 am #

        Hi James

        Welcome to NY! Glad you enjoyed the blog, you probably noticed it is a little out of date but it was a fun project when I first moved here.
        I do have both the Yellow CS and the Blue Bisou, and I can help you out if you would like a Tokyo Bike here in NY. My brother actually runs the UK Tokyo Bike Store, I brought mine over myself but he has shipped a few over… they are still pretty rare over here though.

        If you would like any more info just let me know and I can put you in touch with my brother.


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