A Year In The Making

10 Oct

As we head into autumn it seems strange to think that I have now completed the seasons in NYC. When I first arrived on this adventure I did not know exactly where it would lead, but, I had a good idea. Fortunately all those tentative plans that I did not wish to verbalise for fear of scorching them have come to pass. I am now a married man, and very happy too, still awaiting my Green Card, but hopefully well on the way. I have made new friends, reconnected with some lost ones and been joined in this great city by old and trusted ones.

Whilst I left London for New York I slowly learnt that it was in fact Brooklyn that I was moving to. In terms of the culinary scene it is unrivalled. Everyday someone is starting afresh and pushing the envelope, there is still so much I am yet to see and sample. Life here is good. Everybody  struggles to survive the high cost of living, the grime, the noise, and all the other pitfalls of major city living but there is not a single opportunity that is outside of my grasp should I wish to seize it.

While my work future lies in the hands of the government there is still one great new adventure to look forward to in the coming year. Perhaps unlimited time off seemed appealing when I first arrived but it very quickly lost its sheen and now I yearn for a sense of belonging.

Again this is yet another post not really about food specifically, but I have learnt that while my life may revolve around food it is not always the most interesting part of the story and sometimes the journey outshines the destination.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the last years food inspired escapades.

Giant pumpkins, the first photo I took…Oct 2010

Learning to bake…Nov 2010

Discovering Red Hook, my favourite place in all NYC…Dec 2010

Back to Brooklyn, after a short trip home to London the first thing I did when I got back was to head to the Brooklyn Bridge…Jan 2011

Using my new found skills..mmm..pizza…Feb 2011

The Brooklyn Kitchen, Foodie Heaven…. March 2011

London, BBQ with friends followed by serious poker…April 2011

Tiki Disco at Roberta’s, summer has arrived…May 2011

Getting away from it all, Amagansett…..June 2011

Friends and Family in town for my wedding….July 2011

Post wedding relaxation, Shelter Island..Aug 2011

Flushing Meadows US Open…Sept 2011


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