Diaries of a Secret Swine Eater

16 Jul

I stumbled across the Pork Memoirs website a couple of weeks ago and was immediately struck by the amusing and moving tales, everything from Holocaust survival to the secret stashes of bacon on a kibbutz. It made me think about the story of my own introduction to the forbidden meat of my youth.

Very happily they deemed it worthy of publishing and so this week A slippery Slope is their featured story.



One Response to “Diaries of a Secret Swine Eater”

  1. foodieinberlin July 16, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    I enjoyed your story on the Pork Memoirs website.

    In high school my best friend was Jewish (Israeli) and my father is a Muslim. So in both our family homes, there was no pork. Although we didn’t talk about it, the implied feeling was “it’s bad to eat pork.” So of course, being teenagers, we ate it furtively all the time. And then sprayed breath freshner into each other’s mouths and sniffed each other’s hair.

    The thing is, no other meat takes to salt and curing the way pork does. It’s a very tasty animal. All of it! Even the feet.

    I still don’t buy a pork chop but I get chorizo, proscuitto even lardo (for some recipes) regularly.

    They served us a teeny tiny suckling pig when we were in Spain and I couldn’t enjoy it at all because it was so freaking small. That’s another subject in itself. When is an animal too small to eat?

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