And They Call It Tiki Disco…….

11 Jul

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world people always find a space to party. Sometimes whole economies are based upon it, other times the Party finds its space in the cracks where no one else is looking. I found this one by accident and it seems like one to savour. I have been to the Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan, and experienced the mega clubs of Ibiza and now in Bushwick I have found Tiki Disco. Although the scale is incomparable the happy vibe and care free attitude of this place easily matches any of those beach blow outs.

My journey was a cultural odyssey. I cycled past throngs of people enjoying Sunday cook outs in Fort Green Park. Towards Bedford Avenue I was delighted to pass through an enclave of Hasidic jews, these people live such an extraordinary life right in the middle of such ordinary suburbia. Then there were streets dominated by Latino families and businesses, until I reached Bushwick where, Chinese builders merchants, the New York Loft Hostel and Roberta’s all combine in an industrial landscape.

This looked like the party of the summer, the only thing missing was the beach and the beautiful setting. Much is being said about Bushwick as a new center for artists, with a ready supply of loft and studio space all right on the L train to Manhattan, the building blocks are there. The only price of these conveniences is a gritty landscape of industrial buildings, poorly paved roads and a dilapidated housing stock.

But still none of this mattered to the hundreds of people who wanted to party. Tiki Disco is a bi-monthly event during the Summer at Roberta’s and it seems the masses are tuned in. Apparently a big name DJ in from LA was swelling the numbers but even so the line around the block was impressive. Once past the door (it is free to enter) there is wood fired pizza available from a mobile oven, two bars one more makeshift than the other and the Tiki tent where frozen Margherita and Gin ‘n’ Juice kept the crowds happy. The music, the blazing sunshine, killer drinks, it was the atmosphere I had seen before in those beach paradises, everybody rocking shades and happy vibes.

This part of town seems relatively lawless compared to the manicured streets of Manhattan and fancier parts of Brooklyn so I imagine this kind of party is pretty unique. I am sure in years to come when this area has gone through the almost inevitable gentrification process these parties will be looked back upon with awe and envy  as people reminisce on more simple times when throwing a party was just about opening the doors, turning up the music, and allowing the drinks and ….. to flow.

Tiki Disco
251 Moore st

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