Either Or

11 Apr

I am the kind of person that either follows a recipe to a fault, or having read the recipe with good intentions ends up in a very unique destination all of my own.

Todays endeavour was much of the latter. Having found a Bakewell Tart recipe I quickly copied and pasted it into my ‘to make’ folder for a later date. Today was that later date. I stopped off from our Sunday morning stroll to pick up a fluted tin with removable base and some almond extract (could not find essence).

They have been doing some painting work on the outside of the building recently so I had an audience as I rolled out my pastry. It was at this point that I realised the method gave no indication of tart size, hence when I lined up the pastry to the tin there was a discrepancy. This called for some free styling. Fishing around in the kitchen draws I found some foil tins and figured with a little adaptation they could work.

I’d say it would have been a success if the pastry been a little better. The filling was fine, fluffy almond frangipane sitting on top of raspberry jam; delicious. The crust not so much. The first tart I baked at the wrong temperature, totally my fault. The second which although inferior in looks fared much better. The crust was at least edible, if not quite reaching the standard of pastry I would be happy to pay for.

So lessons learnt, first find a more reliable recipe and be sure to read all the necessary information before beginning, next improve my pastry making skills and hope for edible results.


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