Food For Thought

1 Apr

I had an epiphany the other day which was in no way related to food hence it should not really be appearing here on this blog. However I think inspired by the caffeine rush from a morning coffee at Pedlar, it struck me that the podcast I was listening to so closely reflected my own views that I was compelled to express it.

The Israeli/Palestine issue is complicated and so tied up with the emotions of interested parties that sensible conversation becomes nigh on impossible. This Podcast really struck me as seeing the truth of the matter with American, British and other powers allowing Israel to continue in a cycle of abuse that hurts itself as much as the Palestinians.

There is no easy answer and I do not think that either side can be labeled as right or wrong, both have wronged and both have been wronged. The solution lies with the side that has the ability to make concessions, to be brave enough (knowing innocent people will continue to be targeted) to make them. Israel has that power, Palestine does not.

Next time you are sat on a train, in your car or with nothing else to listen to try this.

If you are having trouble with this link, you can go straight to Itunes and download the second episode in Johan Hari’s series. series

(If you are not interested in the intro skip to 6min 44seconds)


One Response to “Food For Thought”

  1. foodieinberlin April 1, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    I listened to it. What a brave position to take.

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