27 Mar

Inspired by the fleeting sunshine and some intriguing sausages I decided to do a little mezze for dinner.

The pita breads were made using a lavash flat bread recipe without the honey. They were defiantly flat breads but not quite what I would describe as pita, although for these purposes there were simple to make and were perfect for the job.

My good friend Mike made this chickpea, pepper and onion salad many years ago and I have been meaning to have a go ever since. Slightly mashed chickpeas, raw peppers, diced onion and lots of fresh coriander and lemon juice. Perfect summer salad.

I picked these sausages up from the Meat Hook. This place is fast becoming my ‘go to’ place for sausages. Not having their regular Chorizo which were the best I have had in NY, I decided to give their ‘Green Chorizo’ a go. It is based on a regional Mexican sausage from Toluca made with coriander, cumin, jalepeno, poblano and serrano peppers. It is an awesome sausage, but then I think that all of their sausages maybe this good, it is just I am yet to get through the list……

For no other than reason than I saw a recipe and was then reminded of it by seeing an aubergine I made some babaganoush. I learnt two things, firstly mix in the tahini slowly I added in far too much and was forced to go and buy a second aubergine to dilute the cement like texture of excessive tahini. The other thing is, apparently not that many people like babaganoush…..(and before you think it my baba tasted damn good).

Other than tahini it was charred and roasted aubergine, lots of coriander, ground cumin, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Some fresh lemonade with a hint of thyme to really round off the summery vibe (it did touch 70 degrees for one day).

Et voila……with the addition of store-bought hummus, some cheese and my homemade pickles dinner was served…….


One Response to “Mezze….”

  1. jim March 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    very much enjoying your blog. i am a Mala regular and off to London for a few days in May. have a lunch reservation at St John (i am an offal eater), but still looking for some ideas. if you think of any pubs or restaurants that would be of interest, i would appreciate the kind word. as you and Angela seem to get out a lot, i have friends that have a pop up Filipino place on 12th street between 1st and 2nd ave called Maharlika that i think you would love, only brunch on Saturday and Sunday. may need reservations as they are packed and getting much press.

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