The next big thing….was

7 Mar

Food trucks have been all the rage for the last 18 months or so but I remain unconvinced. I would suggest most things that can be prepared well in a van would be better coming from a proper kitchen and having worked in mobile food businesses and done my share of outside catering I know how hygiene levels can slip.

However I am not immune to the charms of food coming to me rather than vice versa, so after spotting The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck hanging round the neighbourhood curiosity finally got the better of me…..

The Chicken and Thai Basil Dumplings with Satay Sauce were delicious. In fact they got better with each one I ate. The satay was a little strange, I think it was made with creme fraiche or some other very non asian ingredient, but it still worked.

I will not say the Dumplings totally changed my mind but it did open my eyes a little wider. For $6 I got 6 dumplings which made for a perfect lunch snack to see me through until dinner.  The fact is most truck vendors aspire to a permanent location as demonstrated by Dessert Truck Works in the Lower East Side, Van Leeuwen Ice cream in Greenpoint and now Cobble Hill, even London’s top mobile food vendor the Meatwagon (although only due to the theft of his truck!!!) So the moral is we either need to support the trucks enough so that they can afford permanent digs, or else ignore them totally until they give up on the trend and go back to opening restaurants.

PS…. the next big thing is pipes….yes the type old men used to smoke, I spotted two pipe smokers last weekend both under 30 years of age……….damn hipsters……next they will be trying to gentrify the old peoples homes…..


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