5 Mar

Is that a term people still use? All through my youth it was a great way to wind up someone already on edge, (most especially my poor sister). Simply call them eggy and it can only work to infuriate them more.

Today I definitely found myself being pushed to the edge and fittingly enough the venue that did it was called EGG. This is one of those places that has always been on my radar, in fact it was on the original Jim list, but it is only now that I have ticked it off.

Egg serves breakfast all day with more than a nod to the South. This means eggs, scones, grits, hash browns, hush puppies, fried chicken and just about anything else that can be battered. I am sure there are plenty of southern dishes that do not require a deep fat fryer but they were not many on the menu today.

Set in the heart of Williamsburg this restaurant attracts plenty of the locals all dressed in the de rigueur hipster look. This style is fairly consistent all over the world, you’d be very familiar with it if you had spent any time in East London. Note the leather boots with slight heal, skinny jeans, some form of bohemian coat not designed to keep you warm, facial hair and a hat. At one point all the people sitting in the wait area were dressed in black with many or all of the above characteristics. Oh to be an individual…..

Anyway I digress. The thing that made me so on edge was the wait for a table. This does not usually bother me. If I know somewhere is popular I try to avoid peak times, or travel in the knowledge that there will be a wait.  On this occasion we knew there could be a short wait even though we got there on the early side of lunch. They have what you might call a virtual hostess, that is a clipboard and a list but no hostess. Its smart really, it saves on a staff member and you can easily track where you are on the list.

This is where the smartness ends. Having filled in the list I then peered into the restaurant and to my astonishment counted the vacant tables. There were 6 of them, some set ready to go and some still with debris from the previous customer. I know there could be any number of reasons as to why they were not seating us, they may have been short on floor staff, the kitchen might have been at full capacity, they may have had tables reserved although they do not take bookings. The problem is that without a hostess to explain we were left in a cold room slowly reaching boiling point.

In different circumstances I may have walked but we persevered and while the waitress incharge of seating did her best to screw the list up, we did eventually get our table …

I went for the Toasted Cheese Sandwich with Bacon and Angela had Egg Rothko which was a thick slice of brioche with a hole in the middle filled with an egg covered in cheese. To this she added some tater tots and some hush puppies mainly because I was intrigued. The sandwich was good, and the Rothko likewise, everything else was an ode to brown. I could feel my heart rate slow as the arteries filled with grease, but then you do not go to Egg for a healthy meal. The tater tots were great, kind of like a rosti but in ball rather than a disk. The hush puppies on the other hand reminded me of a very inferior falafel. They are made with cornmeal and I imagine were a way of making a readily available cheap food stuff a little more palatable back in the day….

The food was good. I have mentioned in a previous post the dangers of publicity and popularity for a restaurants reputation, and I think Egg probably falls into that category. There is nothing wrong with the place, the food has good provenance (they even grow some themselves on their farm), it was all well cooked, but it is not a place that stands up to hype well. It is after all an all day breakfast spot with some extras thrown in. Do not go expecting too much and you will leave well fed and perhaps in need of some exercise…

P.S. For kids and adults alike…it seems it doesn’t matter how old you are if you have crayons and paper you will doodle….Every table I passed had some form of art…..


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