Store Cupboard Cooking

25 Feb

Lots of cooking at the moment as it is the safest way to avoid eating out too much. It’s getting harder though, a new place just opened across the road called Van Horn, apparently they do a killer fried chicken sandwich,  plus I am beginning to get pizza withdrawal symptoms especially as I torture myself by checking out the Slice blog way too often.

Here are a few things I have made this week in no particular order…..

Having tried a little of Brooklyn Larders signature couscous salad I had it in my mind to make some of my own. After the gym today I was hungry so raided the store cupboard. The good thing about cooking lots is that you suddenly find you have a fridge full of ingredients and a store cupboard worthy of the name. This was  a case of find it, chop it, season it and eat it…..Very delicious it was too. Red onion, bell pepper, coriander, parsley, toasted almonds, lime juice and extra virgin olive oil.


Came across a Skye Gyngell recipe page in the Independent focussing on oats. This flapjack recipe seemed like a good compromise between sweet and healthy. It took all of five minutes to make and is a great snack for after dinner.

Here is the link because I am too lazy to write the ingredients and method.

I actually went freestyle after the sugar, butter and honey and added dried apricot, raisins, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. As long as the dry ingredients are in ratio to the other stuff you can do what you like….I think….

Dinner last night were these chickpea cakes….

I have been meaning to make this recipe for years, the furthest I ever got was the salad Delia recommends to serve on the side. That salad is amazing, it is a must for any BBQ, it’s so refreshing it cuts through anything heavy, spicy and is even great with a simple piece of fish….I didn’t make it tonight though as I ran out of onion……a simple rocket salad did the job….. .

It’s another of those recipes with a long ingredient list, but as I said we are getting a pretty good store cupboard now, so apart from the fresh coriander everything was on hand…..well almost, the chilli I had was so mild that I added some cayenne pepper and I cheated a little as I used ground spices.

The method seemed pretty good, the only problem came with forming the patties. The mix was so loose that as soon as I dipped it in the egg it began to fall apart. Out of desperation I ended up pouring the egg into the mix and just flouring the patties and this seemed to work fine. Delia recommends to form them as soon as the mix is are cool enough but I think next time I will let the mixture sit a while first.

In the end they firmed up nicely having rested for 30 minutes and turned out be delicious.

Before I left London I decided that I could not carry lots of cook books back so just took photos of a bunch of recipes. Hopefully this is clear enough to be able to follow.


One Response to “Store Cupboard Cooking”

  1. foodieinberlin February 26, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    Funny, when I was in London, I photographed a few recipes from books (like one for some sort of Marshmallow).

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