The Jim 2

19 Feb

All of my early New York eating adventures were inspired by a list and that list was supplied by Jim.

He was a regular at my last place of work and everyday he would come in for his coffee and a quick chat. Sometimes football related, (somehow he and his son Adam had become Wigan fans, I am not sure how that happens to a Canadian and a New Yorker but it did), but mainly we would discuss food. It often centered around where he had eaten the night before or various spots that I should try on my travels. On one such occasion whilst still doing the long distance thing between NY and LDN he gave me a list of  places to eat at and a link to a very handy food map that Adam had created.

From this point on I was never lacking in places to go and in many ways it was that original list which inspired this blog and certainly my own Eating Maps on the home page. Last week I got an email to say he was in town so it seemed fitting that if I was going to break my 3 week burger fast it should be with him.

Jim suggested Bill’s which was not my favourite burger from last time round, and I suggested Burger and Barrel. I won. I was interested to see just how good this burger was having decided that after my all time favourite, The Little Owl, this was the best I had tried in the previous 3 months.

As a burger on its own it did not disappoint. The patty is so juicy and their sauce so tasty that it really stands up on its own without the need for condiments. The burger was cooked to medium rare perfection. The fries are ok, crisp, but I imagine as it comes with 2 onion rings that they fry them in the same oil which does nothing for the flavour of the potato.

That aside this is definitely a top burger and one I would return to again and again. They also have plenty of wine by the glass, beers on tap and Adam had a mean looking spiked Caramel and Bourbon milkshake.

So in honour of Jim and his list I dedicate this post…….


2 Responses to “The Jim 2”

  1. Frank and Silvia February 19, 2011 at 8:01 am #

    My dear friend, your bro told us about the blog! Fantastic! A sheer joy of reading about your adventures, food and life in NYC. Keep it going and hopefully see you soon. Frank HK


  1. Eggy « LDNeatsNYC - March 5, 2011

    […] EGG. This is one of those places that has always been on my radar, in fact it was on the original Jim list, but it is only now that I have ticked it […]

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