Burgers Part 2

24 Nov

Little Owl Bacon Cheeseburger

This is my favourite burger in all NYC.  It’s difficult to say that it is the best as there are so many that I have not tried, but undoubtedly if I had to choose the last burger I was ever going to eat this would be the one. I believe with burgers you can pretty much discount the setting, whereas the experience of most meals will depend to certain extent upon the company, the location or the service, a burger stands apart, it can be enjoyed in the least salubrious circumstances and still be elevated to a thing of beauty. Hence it is hardly worth mentioning that The Little Owl is a fantastic restaurant, serving seasonal American cuisine. It has a short but appealing menu and the only criticism you can level against the place is that it is so tiny you are often sharing conversations with neighbours either intentionally or not.

Burger and Barrel Cheeseburger

The Little Owl burger is of the pile of these latest entrants, however notable mention must go to Burger and Barrel (see above) for a very good burger. I am not sure what came over me when I ate there but I did something very rare, that is, I neglected to add some of Heinz’s favourite. The burger did not suffer for it. Its natural juiceness combined with their ‘special sauce’ made it work all on its own.

5 Napkin Bacon Cheeseburger

This was a giant burger (10 oz), very juicy but lacking slightly in flavour, it was let down by very poor fries. 5 Napkin has been on my list for a very longtime, and although a good burger I felt a little underwhelmed…..

5 Guys Fries....this was a small portion!

The 5 Guys experience was another let down. Having read that this was the East coast equivalent of the famous IN n OUT BURGER from LA I had high hopes. The burger was ok, but as you can see not much to look at. The patties fell apart far too easily and never having been a fan of the double burger due to its flimsy nature this held true. As a kid I would always order 2 or sometimes even 3 hamburgers over the big mac. The 5 Guys burger was also more expensive than Shake Shack and not as good. Where they do score serious points are with their fries. definitely the best fast food fries I have ever had, and good enough to put plenty of ‘proper’ restaurants to shame.

In conclusion, thus far Little Owl comes out on top, Shake Shack is ahead in the fast food rankings and Burger and Barrel gets special mention for its ability to thrive without ketchup.

Click here for a link to some burger porn….enjoy.

And if you are not desperate for a meat fix after having read all this then there is something wrong!


The doughnut burger, vanilla glaze bun filmed with tres leche and blackout cake doughnut....All courtesy of the Doughnut Plant.

And in case you thought I was bad, this was just a joke, but check this out.


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