The Fall

18 Nov

I always thought of ‘The Fall’ as September maybe tripping into October, but i guess this maybe one of those childhood things that made me think that the sun always shone on the weekend. Now its mid November the leaves really have turned and they are falling fast so i thought it made sense to go and catch the them before the long hard winter presses in.

The West Village is a place i enjoy, its full of restaurants and narrow streets where the grid that is NYC momentarily disappears and you can get lost, and in that sense it feels a little like London. The village vibe comes from the scale of the place, there are no tower blocks, the streets have names rather than numbers and on every little corner and in-between you can find an interesting store or a little cafe to while away some time. I headed over, camera in hand, and the idea to test out NY Magazines pick for the best falafel. I am no expert on this matter but it is one of those foods that is so universal that you’d struggle to find a city in the world that didn’t have a falafel stand somewhere.

Taim meaning ‘tasty’ in Hebrew has a lot to live up to, not only hyped as the best in all of NY but with a name that shows no lack of confidence in itself. Upon entering i instantly knew it was an Israeli enterprise, the attitude of the server giving it away. The place is tiny, to the point where you walk in and you are instantly standing at the counter, it also seems as though it’s always packed so no pressure when you enter and are immediately asked for your order!

Seeing the panic on my face the server allowed me a second to at least check out the menu, although truth be told what else are you going to order at a Falafel joint. I went with the traditional, although the harissa version sounded good too. Just in time i remembered to add the all important pickles and schug (a chilli sauce often added to falafel). The bar inside was full so i opted for takeout using their handy outside bench and began happily scoffing away, i only remembered to take the picture when i realised that i could probably put the whole thing away in about 60 seconds.

In my opinion it exceeded its brief, it was tasty and then some. I cannot get too carried away, as i said earlier i am no expert, but it is definately one of the best i ve ever had. It was fresh, the balls of falafel still hot, good hummus, crunchy salad and the all important pickles and chilli sauce all wrapped in a warm pita….perfect snacking.

Eating over i headed towards Washington Square Park to soak up the autumnal atmosphere and take some photos, so here goes.

I recommend checking out this music video while looking, i am loving this right now!!!


3 Responses to “The Fall”

  1. foodieinberlin November 18, 2010 at 8:23 am #

    There are so many falafel places here in Berlin. Especially in Kreuzberg – this Turkish area. Haven’t found one that I really love.
    Nice fall pictures, we lost all our leaves here about a month ago.

    • Andrew Davis November 18, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

      I think its global warming…im sure leaves should have dropped at least a month ago….the world is coming to an end!!!!


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    […] with such a silly sounding name. It was only later having visited their sister establishment Taim I realised that as ridiculous as the name may sound the food was likely to be […]

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