Breaking bread

11 Nov

We all know bread is the stuff of life, well today on my way home from class i began to spread the joys of freshly baked bread.

It’s not difficult to be noticed when your carrying a sack of bread, there was the girl on Crosby Street who although a little reluctantly at first gladly took some still warm baguette, then there were the two school kids on the F Train back to Brooklyn who could not quite believe their eyes when they realised the entire sack was full of just bread. I had been doing a daily drop off to the produce store beneath the apartment and they had been glad of the mid afternoon sustenance so i widened my circle to include the coffeeshop next door. I introduced myself and began to unload, brioche, a seeded wholewheat and some wholemeal. Not only did i make a friend i think i may also have scored some free coffee!

One more day to go and then it will be time for some home experimenting.



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