Butter Delivery System

10 Nov

So take some butter, add some flour, water, yeast, sugar oh and some more butter and what do you get? A plain croissant, well since we’ve come this far we may as well add some chocolate and then you really have a breakfast snack. As much as i love croissants, either a warmed pain au chocolate, or a plain croissant with some fresh from the fridge English butter, i have never wanted to learn how to make them. Some things you are just better not knowing.

When Chef Johnson began the process with us yesterday, the first thing he asked was how much does a croissant cost? The answers came back anywhere from $2 to $3 (its $3.75 downstairs but they are damn fine croissants), the point was they are pretty cheap to buy considering the time and effort they take to prepare. Put it this, way back in the olden days when you had to buy and load camera film before taking pictures the roll of 36 was the largest standard film you could get, even this would not cover a step by step guide so you are going to have to make do with some edited snapshots.

If you are beginning to get a little hungry/salivating here is where i will tell you; into each batch of xants we put 1/2 a kilo of butter not including what went into the original dough mixture, so next time you are trying to lose a few pounds remember to cut the croissants!

I am doing pretty badly at that right now, i have a full freezer, a full belly and still more bread than i know what to do with. We also made a few other things today including a really tasty fruit roll, somewhere between a hot cross bun and muesli in bread form. There was also the fun Semolina bread seen below which was one of my favourites so far.

This bread baking lark is fun and seems pretty easy when you are in a fully stocked professional kitchen with a teacher on hand. I am looking forward to the next couple of days where we are going to get some practice baking in a domestic oven.


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