A Perfect Brunch

7 Nov

Clocks went forward today so greedily soaked up the extra hour in bed. It’s just starting to turn cold, the wind is biting a little and thoughts are turning to thermals and layers upon layers of clothing. Still the sun is shining and its a perfect crisp winters day with nothing to do but relax and enjoy.

I am not a big one for breakfast, i like it and can appreciate that a good start to the day can really set you up, but now more than ever as i am gainfully unemployed there seems little point in getting up in time for breakfast so at very best i am leaning towards brunch and realistically if i can hold out a little longer then we are into early lunch territory. For me this opens up a whole new set of possibilities. To me breakfast means either pastries, cereals and never-ending toast, or eggs and the obligatory sausage or bacon. I can do without the fried slice, the baked beans, the grilled tomatoes and worst of all the sludgy mushrooms….I will never forget the joy of the breakfasts that were on display in the Singapore Shangri La when we enjoyed a family holiday with all the perks of the folks paying for everything including luxurious hotels. It was a spread of monstrous proportions you could eat every meal of the day from all over the world, all at “Breakfast”.
I can recall the strange Japanese dishes of rice and grilled fish,Malay and Indian, sambar idly, a steamed batter made from pulses served with a hot chilli sauce. These were wonders enough but then a whole display of steaks, salmon fillets and beyond was more than a young uninitiated mind could take. I’ll stick with what i know……This brings me back to the point, as much as the traditional breakfast has its place it’s rarely a match for a good lunch.

We choose Watty and Meg which is the closest brunch place to us and always seemingly busy we thought worthy of an opportunity to impress. We actually ate there last summer not long after they opened and thought it was pretty good, if a little pricey for what we had.

We began with some home-baked scones which came in lieu of a bread basket, it was a really nice touch since they were very good and altogether more interesting than  the usual array of bread, it automatically made me think of tea time and the winning combination of cream and jam. Having had the burger on my last visit and the fact that i sneaked another one in yesterday i thought better of it and went instead for the pulled pork and bbq sauce sandwich, Angela went for the French toast and caramelised apples, perfect for me because i knew i would get an ample taste of hers in return for some fries.

I think we both choose extremely well. My sandwich was delicious, complimented by some home-made pickles (of which i am now an expert thanks to my weeks worth of pickling experience) and coleslaw, along with some spot on french fries. The French toast was also good, perhaps slightly under toasted if being hyper critical but all in all very good accompanied by perfectly cooked apple coated in caramel, all rounded off with ample maple syrup. While neither dish being complicated it is so frustrating how often these simple things can be gotten so wrong, Watty and Meg though got them just right. All this for the bargain of $9 for each dish, that’s £5.50!

Not only was it a lovely morning and a good meal but we rediscovered our local restaurant and found it to be tastier and better value than we’d remembered. A perfect Sunday brunch.

***UPDATE*** Stopped by for some lunch yesterday (Nov 1st 2011) and the same dish of pulled pork sandwich and fries was $14.  Thats some price hike!!!


4 Responses to “A Perfect Brunch”

  1. foodieinberlin November 8, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    I am very happy to receive some of your famous pickles by mail… : ) Or maybe a recipe?

    • LDN Eats NYC November 10, 2010 at 2:05 am #

      Just opened the first tester jar today! Pretty good even if i do say so. Whats the deal with posting recipes online, its clearly not mine, is it better to email….

  2. Natasha November 10, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    Yum! Can’t wait fo be shown all the most delicious places in NYC. Love the blog x x

    • LDN Eats NYC November 10, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

      Thanks….but i am getting fat, after todays croissant extravaganza i think my veins are running with butter!!!

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