4 Nov

To say this place is low-key is almost to over sell it. The 1927 dining car is just about made habitable while everything sits on a slight angle it does posses a quirkiness that is backed up by the good food. The guys behind Diner, Marlow and Sons and Marlow and Daughters really were ahead of the curve. Before just about anyone else had figured out that it was a good idea to offer good food to the newly migrating hipsters these guys had it covered and so it is now a Williamsburg institution, they even put out their own quarterly journal.

Almost as soon as I sat down and the waitress came to explain the specials I remembered the two things that had bothered me the first time I ate here.

The music is too loud and what is the point of a menu without any food on it? As the waitress described the soup, the salad, the mussels and then the specials, all I could think was if I wasn’t having the burger how on earth would I remember all the dishes, especially as she could barely remember them herself. On the plus side it does underline the commitment to the seasonally changing menu.

Fortunately for my memories sake the burger is very good and it was an easy choice, as for Angela she opted for the broccoli and cheddar soup with soft-boiled egg and a beetroot, pear and goat cheese salad. The soup was very good, and quite clever. Too salty until you broke the egg and then the rich yolk balanced it all out perfectly. The salad seemed to go down well, although there wasn’t that much of it. And the burger was as excellent as I remembered it. All in all a very satisfying meal.

As ever when I am in this part of town I pop into Marlow and Sons, their coffee bar/provisions/raw bar to see if they have the Mudslide cookie. I once picked one of these up and have been returning ever since to recapture the moment of euphoria of that first bite. Somewhere between a cookie and a brownie stuffed with chocolate chips and still warm from the oven, it is the best cookie I have ever eaten!!!


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