A little sophistication

3 Nov

Over lunch today i had a sudden feeling of anxiety about this blog. Another burger to write about and i am beginning to feel quite inadequate. For someone who loves food as much as i say it seems my tastes are a little base, i need something more interesting to talk about. Then i remembered, Saturday night and Steph’s birthday.

We went for dinner at Locanda Vini & Olii. It is a gem of a restaurant, in an unloved neighbourhood, nostalgia lining the shelves in the form of the abandoned inventory of the pharmacy that had previously filled the storefront. It still has all the original signage outside and had it not been the only storefront of a totally residential block we would have walked straight past.

Antipasti was a selection of Crostini most delicious of all were the course chopped liver, and the garlic infused swiss chard. For starter i chose the Salmistrata with Salsa Verde (beef tongue, sounds better in Italian though…). It was just ok, the tongue was sliced so thinly that it lacked the meatiness to stand up to the substantial salsa which really overpowered the meat. Main course was much better, Chestnut Lasagnette, Chickpeas and Luganega. This was a brilliant dish. Thick ribbons of chestnut pasta, soft chickpeas and a ragu flavoured with the delicious nuggets of sausage, the nuttiness of the pasta and sweetness of the sauce really made this quite a special dish. Due to the number of us dessert was a set selection of tarts and macaroons which did not live up to the heights of my main, however not enough to take away from a great meal. Portions were just perfect, very un-American, but spot on for a four course meal. With wine it came to a respectable $70 per head

All in all a very good meal and not a burger in sight. unfortunately the light was not great and the brown element of my meal meant photography was not an option so let 334 words paint a picture……


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