2 Nov

Pickling classBob McClure at the Brooklyn Kitchen pickling class(scroll over pictures to see details of photos)

Last week i signed up to do a class at the Brooklyn Kitchen and here is what i learnt…….

Kirby cucumbers washed and icedGarlicPrepped cucmbers and dillThe final tally, 6 jars all packed sealed and ready for storage

This was really good fun, and much like all my entries into the kitchen, complete chaos. I used just about every pot and pan in the apartment, all surfaces were covered in different stages of the pickling process. The apartment still has a distinct smell of vinegar, but the upshot is 6 jars of my very first batch of pickles, all but 1 are the classic McClure Garlic and Dill, but i did sneak some chilli into one jar to see the effect…..

I now have to wait at least a week before i can see how well they worked, i will report back.

Fresh from my pickling adventures i decided to make something which could be enjoyed right away…..some dinner. Absolutely delicious, even if i do say so myself!

Hot smoked salmon with mixed leaves,egg, fennel, cucumber and lemon-dill dressing


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