Acme Fish

30 Oct

Following a tip off in the New York Magazine i headed to Greenpoint Brooklyn to search out the home of NY’s top smoked fish supplier, Acme.

On Fridays between 8am and 1 pm the factory opens a small space to the public where you can buy direct at wholesale prices the many products they sell across New York and the rest of the country. The space is basic and looks very much like the industrial site that it is, but laid across several tables are various packaged and non-packaged smoke fish products. There is price board but it seems that most of the people here are regulars and know what its all about. I took my time to have a look round and quickly realised that the main event was the unpackaged whole fish on display at the far end.

Not wishing to miss out i asked for an explanation on what was available and was treated to a tasting session. Little Red Riding Hood (i think due to Halloween dress up) offered me generous tasters of everything…..(Scroll over picture to see what was there). I snapped up 1/4lb the pastrami cured, 1/2lb the bbq baked, some pre-packed mackerel, and couldn’t resist the lemon and pepper too. All this came to $17, an unbelievable bargain.

Mission complete i headed home via the Bagelsmith in W.Burg (oh and Saltie to pick up an apple galette) to sample my smoked delights. All delicious, can’t wait to turn the baked salmon into a tasty salad, with mixed leaves, shaved fennel, soft boiled eggs and lemon dressing…..


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