Not So Strong

23 Oct

Strong Place. We went for dinner here with some friends, its fairly new to the neighbourhood so thought we would check it out. First up we tried some bbq wings on the waiters recommendation…interesting sauce…..(interesting for me is never a good word next to food). I had the lamb burger with feta which was tasty in the end, it turned up raw first time round, and then I was offered the choice of a 3 minute reheat or 12 minute from scratch. When everyone else is eating 12 minutes seems like a long time so I went for  the reheat. It came back slightly overdone, but it was still moist and tasty and they did bring a fresh side of waffle fries, the third bowl of the night! We ordered one dessert between us I think it was chocolate something with caramel sauce and pretzels! I hate pretzels…..I do not get them at all, they taste of nothing but the salt they covered in and have all the texture of a stick.

Generally the food was ok, nothing special and certainly did not warrant $180 for 4 people. I think the stinger was the lobster at $35. My friend actually questioned the price, as last time they had eaten there it was considerably cheaper. The waiter was pretty good at dealing with it without actually being able to do much about it. It got me thinking about the terrible question of; “how is everything”, that seems to be asked by every passing waiter in this city. Its a bit pointless because you are either enjoying the food and don’t need to be disturbed, hating it but not wanting to cause a fuss, or are just ambivalent and wishing you could tell the waiter everything that is not quite right even though there is nothing so wrong that you would send it back.

Back home I would only complain on very rare occasions (that is in a restaurant) as it seems there is little point. If something is badly wrong, undercooked, missing ingredients then it is easy just to ask for it to be redone. But what do you do if something is just slightly overcooked, or under seasoned or just generally not that great? More often than not I am just going to suck it up knowing that I will never return, whats the point in getting all upset. But here in NY with the culture of service and complaining is it acceptable to send back your plate for the smallest transgression?

The answer is yes, you probably can….they might not like it but 9/10 times you will get the dish redone no questions asked, the waiter will smile, the chef be seething but who cares you don’t have to look them in the eye. The only real question is whether you are in the mood (that is, feeling less English or non confrontational than normal) to complain, because lets face it no one likes to be told that there food is not good enough.

The moral of the story really goes out to the waiter….do not bother asking how my food is, if I wanted you to know I would have told you!!!!


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