Bad Blogging

23 Oct

I believe in owning up to your own faults as much as possible or sensible and hence the title of this post. All week long i have been out and about looking for food and it is only now that can commit ink to paper so to speak.

This post will be a selection of places and pictures from the last week or so of various places i have been, unfortunately in no particular order.

Fonda NolitaReally like this place that i stumbled across in Nolita. (Tacombi). I am slowly learning to love mexican food after being generally put off by the horrible food i ate there on a trip many years ago. This place just serves tacos from a VW camper van housed in a large garage like space. It is filled with retro furniture that looks as if it has been lifted from a Mexican beach bar, lots of large greenery and an open prep kitchen at the back. It was pretty quiet at lunch but seemed like the perfect place to go for beers and munchies after work. Not the best pork taco in the world but tasty and a really good vibe.

Went and visited a lovely little cafe down in Brooklyn Heights near the water called Iris Cafe. (Excuse the link to the facebook page but seemingly some people are foregoing websites for facebook accounts…quite lazy really, but hey the youth of today….) Really simple little place with good coffee, and a short menu of sandwiches and salads all based around good simple ingredients.

The above picture that i spotted on the way is a clear sign that the epidemic of bed bugs in this city is leading to all kinds of strange happenings.

Next on the list was a lunchtime visit to Dumont one of the innovators of the Williamsburg scene. These guys have two other places i know of, there is the Dumont Burger off shoot where i first discovered their great burgers and then Dressler which is a more upmarket affair.

This is one of those places that so far i have only managed to order the burger, i think you can see why. Having plate stolen plenty of tasters i know it is not the limit of their talents. They have a legendary Mac and Cheese that is on the list.

I think the only other place of note was Frankies for a Saturday date night. We were a little unsure if we would get a table having had bad experiences before owing to the fact that you cannot book. But we were hopeful that 7pm would be early enough only to arrive and find a two hour wait! I am always amazed that anyone would even consider that wait time but it is not new to me so some people clearly do…..Anyway luckily a space at the bar that is first come first served turned up so we grabbed it. Frankies as ever was perfect, good wine, simple but tasty food and great service.


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