Random wanderings

18 Oct

Last week seemed to vanish by and am only just catching up now. My lack of photos has let me down and i am trying to remedy but my skills in photography do not quite match my eating so you will have to forgive.

The Meatball Shop. It sounds good already….5 different choices of meatball 4 different sauces and a variety of serving suggestions. I went for the Hero. Three beef meatballs with spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella all in a baguette with a rocket and apple salad on the side. The salad was surprisingly good and the meatballs did not disappoint, perfect ratio of sauce to meat so as to be still edible as a sandwich. The texture of the balls was good, quite loose with a good proportion of fat for moisture. I think next time i will have to try the spicy pork ones..

There followed over 2 hours at the Genius Bar in the Apple shop trying to fix my mac. After that i needed to find something good to eat, wandered into the giant Wholefoods in the Lower East Side and was swallowed up for a while…the place is just too big, anyway bought a few veggies etc for dinner and headed out on a sweet mission. The latest trend to hit the UK from here seems to be Food Trucks so i did a little digging and found Dessert Truck Works. Now not a truck at all but a little dessert bar and bakery on Clinton Street. Nothing was grabbing my attention so i plumped for an average looking double choc chip cookie which seemed pricey at $3.25. Anyway it proved to be a master stroke. Not really cookie at all but soft chewy and very very chocolaty, incredibly rich. Always the acid test is how far out of my way i would be willing to go and this was definitely worth returning to.

Here are some random photos from the last week or so….

Crazy storm on Monday night...just missed it thankfully.


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