Bark Hot Dogs

18 Oct

The final part of the Franny’s episode was on Monday when i finally got myself to Bark. Not strictly Franny’s at all but an off shoot started by two former employees. Often the sign of a great place is the number of successful businesses that it spawns.These guys true to their roots have stuck with the well sourced, local ingredient format to back the tasty dogs. To be truthful the hot dog is such a cliché of New York City that it is difficult to get away from the idea of the corner cart or baseball game snack that is basically processed leftovers. But these guys have elevated that and ensure that the sausages are only ever top quality. And due to my love of elevated junk i can say i am a fan. It was everything you can remember eating as a child safe in the knowledge that you are eating a genuine product made from beef rather than, well i do not even like to think what goes into some of those street seller products….. The fries were pretty poor, greasy due to the oil not being hot enough and lacking seasoning. I would happily go back but for me it’s not in the same league as a great burger.

After all this food i carried on up Flatbush to Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s very own Central Park. Slightly smaller but designed by the same architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux it is the lungs of Brooklyn and a very pleasant spot to take a walk or read a book. Much like its bigger cousin it has undergone a transformation and no longer represents the scary place depicted in many a hip hop tale.


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