Pizza doh

15 Oct

Motorino I love you…….This really was a trip I was looking forward to well before I touched down in NYC.

Anyone who knows me will know that while I profess a love for food it really only extends as far as the junk end of the spectrum. I can appreciate the skills of a Michelin chef and profess that some of my favourite places to eat in London are fancy, but the truth is nothing makes me happier than a great pizza or burger.

So all my previous visits to this great city have been based around searching for the best junk money can buy (oh yea and seeing my lovely girlfriend),  and trust me some of these places are not cheap. Motorino is the brain child of Mathieu Palombino, a man after my own heart, he has worked in some of the cities top restaurants even earning a Michelin star at his last job. Just think all that chef know how channeled into three basic ingredients, bread, tomato and cheese. Well Motorino truly delivers, I think my first visit was one of those rare experiences where you feel they’ve just nailed it… Perfectly charred crust, sweet tomato and proper fior di latte (cows milk mozzarella), this allied with some spicy sopressetto and pizza heaven….As good as it gets.

My return visit was of similar high standards, the oven at its  centre as you would expect draws you in and the pizza does the rest. But not only do you know you are going to be fed well it then seems over generous to offer a lunch special which includes pizza and a simple green salad all for $11.

Ok so the salad is nothing to get excited about,  and it seems odd that the simple lemon dressing they give you on the side can be so badly imbalanced that even a lemon lover like me wishes they would tone it down a bit. The only other criticism I could offer is a slightly over eager waiting staff, I lost count of the number of times I was asked if everything was ok, a little annoying but I can put this down to the lack of customers at 2.30 pm on a Wednesday.

All this said I am  grateful that the pizza lives up to the billing “the best I’ve ever had” and I’ve had a lot, all over the world.

Once I paid the bill and worked out the correct level to tip….a constant source of annoyance for me which I will return to, I headed off in search of the Brooklyn Kitchen.

Very generoulsy when I left my home for 5 years I was given a voucher for this place so I thought I would go and investigate since it was close by. Its a cook shop, cook school and butchers all housed in an old warehouse just by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE). Its a fantastic space full of all the toys an aspiring chef could want. It also includes some basic ingredients, pulses, grains etc as well as some special locally sourced dairy and vegetables. This alongside a serious meat counter (The Meat Hook) makes this a food lovers paradise.

I gleefully wondered around forming ideas of what I could spend my vouchers on resisting buying on impulse. I now have an idea of the essentials I will need so look forward to returning.

I also just discovered that the McClures are doing a pickling class next Monday 25th October so I have booked myself on that. These guys are for me the king of picklers and I have built up quite a addiction to their garlic dill spears….so here is to hoping I can pick up some tips and save myself some cash in the long run because at 10 bucks ago I am gonna be broke fast…..


2 Responses to “Pizza doh”

  1. foodieinberlin November 3, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    A pizza that you love? It must be good! Mr. discerning pizza eater.


  1. Roberta’s « LDNeatsNYC - December 21, 2010

    […] pizza was good, not in Motorino’s league, but still a very good pizza. The dough was a little dry and the mozzarella just average and […]

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