Mile End

15 Oct

First mistake…..bloggers always take pictures, well I forgot so I am afraid you are just going to have to use your imagination, or go direct to the website, its a pretty accurate picture.

First of all I should say Mile End is ‘a Montreal Jewish delicatessen in Brooklyn’, their words not mine. This means that its not quite like all the others, although my idea of a NY deli is Katz’s and to my mind that is just a tourist trap living off Meg Ryan’s orgasm. Its a shame because as we all know a truly great sandwich is orgasmic…..

Mile End offers Turkey and smoked brisket sandwiches (pastrami) amongst other things and sings the praises of local and homemade. They do in fact do all their own smoking and pickling on site which is impressive given the size of the place. I had the perfect perch at the bar to watch the sandwiches being carefully constructed, small yet overflowing with meat at the same time. Quite an achievement….

And the verdict….as you will come to understand I am not easily pleased and on this occasion I felt a little let down, the meat somehow lacked the melt in the mouth texture I was hoping for, the rye bread while tasty was missing the added dimension that caraway seeds provide, and the mustard, well it has to be English really and it wasn’t, this said the only real bum note was an insipid pickle lacking any kind of punch.

Everything else was good in its own way just not what I was looking for. I will return as it was generally a good experience and right in my neighbourhood. Maybe I’ll try the turkey or just  revisit the brisket with a more open mind and a jar of Colemans!!


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