6 Oct

This is the start of my 90 day all you can eat buffet.
The joy of life is that your never too far away from your next mealtime, and since my life revolves totally around food this is a very good thing.
As with every other trip to NYC my first thought is where am I going to eat? Thankfully on this extended journey I have all the time in the world.
This obviously relieves a little of the anxiety, wondering how I am going to get my semi-vegetarian girlfriend to go and eat in all the places I want to drag her to.
I know semi vegetarian is a slightly vague term so I will return to it at a later date, but for now lets think about whats for lunch, it is after all nearly 10 am……
The options, as you will come to discover, are mainly bread based.
I do not know where this developed but for as long as I can remember if I could put it between two slices of bread it could become a thing of beauty.
So after 2 hours careful research I am going for a salt beef sandwich.
I will report back…..


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